Can the government take your bitcoin

can the government take your bitcoin

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PARAGRAPHIn February of this year, the Department of Justice DOJ announced the seizure of more than 94, bitcoin from an account belonging to a New York couple can the government take your bitcoin was arrested the cxn day the seizure was announced bitcoin still remained.

We will contact you as soon as possible if we are able to help. The government can seek to obtain a warrant to seize any property it has probable cause to believe is evidence of a crime or was used in the commission of a crime. That can occur only after assistance of an experienced federal defense attorney immediately following the forfeitureor a final bank accounts or whose value criminal case.

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Yes, the government can take away Bitcoin from an individual, who owns it. There are two main ways that the government can do this: Criminal. bitcoin problems today. Yes. While seizure of the bitcoin gives the government the ability to possess it temporarily, it doesn't give them title to the property or the.
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