Pure play blockchain

pure play blockchain

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The Blockchain Coinvestors investment team regularly shares perspectives and insights regarding the plsy of digital investment thesis and focus on traditional early stage investing into age. A single investment accesses global, broad coverage of early stage blockchain investments and access to more focused strategies for competing.

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Invest in the future of blockchain
PLTR) is not a pure play blockchain company. In fact, a more apt description for Palantir would be that it's a blockchain-adjacent stock. A pure play is a company that invests in one line of business, so its stock performance correlates highly to the performance of its sector. Coinbase (ticker: COIN) runs one of the largest crypto exchanges in the U.S. In April , it became the first pure-play crypto trading.
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What Is Pure Play Comparable? Learn More. To understand blockchain , you first need to review the purpose of the technology. Skip directly to Accessibility Notice. By democratizing access to information on an open ledger that everyone can see, the technology makes it nearly impossible for a single party to manipulate facts.